Welcome to the home of DryMistat® The most revolutionary concept in cigar humidification to come along in decades, DryMistat® is setting a new standard in the tobacco industry for the 21st century. Shaped like a cigar, it efficiently maintains 70% humidity and perfectly fits in virtually any container.

The Creators of DryMistat®
DryMistat® is a division of Mirart,  a family-owned manufacturer of acrylic products since 1972. In the late 90’s Mirart created a striking line of acrylic humidors.  At that time most of the humidification methods on the market were unappealing floral foam or black plastic. Cigar aficionados needed something as equally striking as these acrylic humidors…and it had to function flawlessly.

In a twist of fate, the Mirart team encountered a special clear plastic tube that breathed through its walls.  At the same time a relative just started to carry a new product at his chemical company which was used in the agricultural industry: Crystals. In a stroke of genius and asking “What if…?”, the crystals were put into the breathable tubes and DryMistat ® was born.

Virtually an overnight success with astounding attention, the Mirart team realized this product was unique! They immediately  applied for and was granted a patent.  

That was almost 20 years ago, and the rest is “theirstory”.
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