About Us Our parent company, Mirart, manufactures a wide variety of acrylic products. Back during the cigar boom of the late ‘90’s we created a line of acrylic humidors. Not just any acrylic humidors, high end furniture pieces made from thick acrylic beveled and polished.

At the time most of the humidification methods on the market were unattractive, floral foam or black plastic humidifiers, the world needed something that would look good in their humidors.

We found a special clear plastic tube that breathed through the walls. (in a twist of fate) At the same time my father-in-law had a new product he was just starting to carry at his chemical company which was used in the agricultural industry….crystals.

We merged the two together and the Drymistat was born.

We sold a few humidors during that time but everyone took notice of our new humidifier sticks. We soon realized we had something very unique and applied for a patent. The Drymistat brand was born and we soon spun off a new company.

That was twelve years ago, and the rest is history.
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